Get involved

We are a volunteer driven organization with many opportunities to contribute. Yes, we need experienced skippers and sighted crew but we also could use a little help with planning, promotion, fundraising, logistics, transportation and back office stuff. If you are looking for an amazing volunteering opportunity and a chance to be part of a terrific not-for-profit organization doing good things then give us a call.

If you have sailing experience on Lake Ontario, the St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec or in the Maritimes we would love to talk with you. We want to learn as much as we can about the local waters and where all the best places to visit are. We also want to spread the word to other blind people so they can learn about the amazing world of blind sailing.

We also welcome financial support and donations to help with what we do.

If you are able to offer a donation it would be very much appreciated. We do not have paid staff or fancy offices so everything donated goes directly to supporting our programs.

Call us at 416‑900‑7569 and find out how you can help

white sand beach
One of several separate beach areas Sandbanks Provincial Park in Newfoundland has to offer.